Many people already know that wood floors can bring a modern and classic feel in the house. but there are still people who are not interested enough to move from the tiled floor and choose this piece of wood as a floor covering at home. there are several factors that cause it, one of which must be a matter of price. In addition, the wood’s sensitive nature makes this product need extra handling.

Now there is a choice of friendly wood flooring
namely Laminate Parquet, low price followed by quality material. So to prove the statement, here is a list of laminate wood floors from

Laminate Flooring Dark

Slightly different from Laminate Wood Flooring Color Light, rather dark but does not eliminate the effect of real wood. So, the presence of Laminate Parquet Dark will help create striking effects for the interior of your home.


For the strength of laminate parquet one has its own advantages that are resistant to termites and water, because it is made of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) or HDF (High Density Fiberboard).

The following is a list of products and prices for the types of Laminate Parquet Dark.

Laminate Flooring Light

Laminate Parquet Light is parquet which consists of several layers and has its own charm. The room will be more radiant if you use this one laminate flooring. What’s more, Laminate Parquet Light includes an innovative Click system that allows users to install more easily.


Laminate Parquet Color Light has a cheap price list. You can get cheap prices on this website. Here have many options that can make you satisfied shopping. We have a myriad of interior flooring.

The following is a list of Laminate Parquet Light products at low prices.


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