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The Natural Beauty of Wood Flooring

Merbau Decking Application

Wood flooring adds a brilliant, natural beauty to any room. It’s extremely durable and always in style. With proper maintenance and care, it can last a lifetime. The tricky part can be choosing which type will best suit the needs of a particular space. There are many different choices as well as many price ranges […]

Petrified Wood Flooring – Pros and Cons

Decking Petrified Wood Flooring - Pros and Cons | Indonesia Wood Parquet and Wooden Flooring

A lot of people today are considering getting petrified wood flooring. If you are one of these people, then you ought to be aware of the different pros and cons of getting this type of flooring. Before we tackle this, what actually is petrified wood? Well, it is actually a sort of fossilized wood. Through […]



Many people already know that wood floors can bring a modern and classic feel in the house. but there are still people who are not interested enough to move from the tiled floor and choose this piece of wood as a floor covering at home. there are several factors that cause it, one of which […]